Dingaling$0.99 from Clarkwood Software, LLC Dingaling

“Sure my iPhone is OK I guess, and I’m glad it can be used as a browser, an email client, an iPod, and a phone, but man, there’s something missing… I just wish I could use it as a handbell with a humongous choice of bells.”

This sentiment is shared by scores of people around the globe; if you are one of them, then Dingaling might be for you.

With Dingaling, you can hold your iPhone like a handbell and ring, ring, ring. It uses a realistic physics model to simulate the action of an actual handbell. It is this physics model that sets Dingaling apart. Sure, it’s mainly meant to be fun; but it’s also meant to feel at least a little bit realistic.

Like my bell choir teacher taught me years ago, don’t merely shake the bells; you have to ring ’em.

It might be theoretically possible to play with Dingaling without a half-embarrassed goofy smile on your face, but so far I haven’t seen that yet! All I’ve seen is self-consciously crazy grins whenever someone is using this application.

If you are connected to the internet via wifi or (on the iPhone) a cellular data service like Edge or 3G, you can pick from dozens of bell sounds, with more being added periodically.

Dingaling can be a cost-effective alternative to a handbell choir. If your group all has iPhones, and wants to play handbells, but cannot afford handbells, just grab Dingaling and voilà, you’re all set.



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