Home Sizer

Home Sizer$2.99 from Armchair Design Home Sizer

Designing a new home? Working on a remodeling project or space planning? Home Sizer is the perfect tool for anyone wanting to estimate the size and function of their dream home, or to just calculate the square footage of an existing home.

Home Sizer allows you to enter the dimensions and name of each room while it calculates the area of the rooms as well as the cumulative usable square footage and estimate gross square footage of the entire house. There’s a notes field for each room so you can keep track of room-by-room ideas or “todos.”

Once you’ve “built” your home, you can estimate the value (for existing homes) or construction cost (for new homes) by selecting a value/cost per square foot.

Then calculate your estimated monthly payment with the integrated mortgage calculator! Still have some room in that monthly budget? Suffering from sticker shock? No problem. Edit the room list – add or delete rooms, change the dimensions or rooms – Maybe a guest bedroom? How about a larger kitchen? – the home value/cost is automatically recalculated along with the monthly payment. Instantly see the impact on the monthly budget as you modify the floor plan of your new home!

Home Sizer now has a “File Manager” that allows you to save as many homes as you’d like. You can create a copy of your current plan and create as many “What-If” scenarios as you’d like!

(Currently only provides for measurements in feet & inches.)

Home SizerHome SizerHome SizerHome SizerHome Sizer


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