MyTrack$0.99 from Claudio Bisegni MyTrack

My Track is a software for personal location tracking for iPhone. It allows to record your position during a walk, a run or an excursion in mountain. It allows also to create more tracks and memorize it on iPhone. During the location point recording, My Track allows to visualize current, max and average speed, minimum and maximum altitude value, track and altitude graphs. Can be used also a live map view(only when tracking is on)based on Google Maps to follow the last recorded position in three view mode(Normal, Satellite, Physical). The points recorded can be exported in KML format into Google Documents Site (Google Account is required for this features).
So for tracking:
– make a new track in configuration view
– click “Start Tracking” button in main view and begin to see your track statistics.

– KML & GPX export.
– Open Street Map Export(Only GPX)

Track Statistics:
– Current, max and average speed.
– Track Length.
– Max, min and current altitude.
– GPS Precision of last received point.
– Latitude/Longitude and date of last saved point.

Track View
– Track graph (Move and zoom by finger gesture) in portrait and landscape orientation(Compass in overlay).
– Altitude graph in portrait and landscape orientation.
– Two different mode for centering track during point acquisition:
1)Center Last Point: every new point will be presented at center of the view, with the last user zoom level reached by gesture.
2)Fit the Track: at every new point all the track will be best fit in view.

Google Maps View
– Three view mode (Normal, Satellite and Altimetric).
– Show, during tracking mode, the last saved point.

This software uses the GPS and then only works with new iPhone 3G.



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