Baby Tracker: Diapers

Baby Tracker: Diapers$1.99 from ANDESigned Baby Tracker: Diapers

For sleep-deprived new parents, it’s hard remembering when you did what — but not with Baby Tracker: Diapers! With the tap of a button, Baby Tracker: Diapers records everything you need to keep track of concerning this “stinky” part of child rearing! Forget about journaling, lists and charts…Baby Tracker: Diapers does the remembering for you!

• Easily record Diaper information by type:
Wet (W), Bowel Movement (BM), or both.

• Add detailed notes and/or quick diaper descriptions, including
color swatches for tracking changes from meconium to normal BM.
You can even add your own descriptions or alter the included presets.

• Diaper history log grouped by day, with summed counts of both
Wet and BM changes, ready to show your doctor.

• Pick the date and time for a new diaper change, or edit previously recorded diaper times.

• Multiple children support (up to 6).

• Export data in CSV format for import into Excel or other spreadsheet programs.

• Always visible last diaper change time shows how long between diaper changes.

• Complete diaper changing totals: you can show junior just how much
work he or she was later in their life!


Want to track your Nursing sessions, try our other companion iPhone application Baby Tracker: Nursing.


Baby Tracker: DiapersBaby Tracker: DiapersBaby Tracker: DiapersBaby Tracker: DiapersBaby Tracker: Diapers


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