Bubble Bay

Bubble Bay$4.99 from Powerhouse Games Bubble Bay

Octopus ahoy!

This is the full deluxe version of our popular game Bubble Bay.

Recognized iPhone gaming magazine SlideToPlay.com gave Bubble Bay an excellent rating and wrote:

“…Bubble Bay, a new bubble-popping game from Powerhouse Games, is superficially similar to many other games on the App Store, but is actually a different sort of animal altogether–and we’re not just talking about the octopus protagonist. While there is enough gameplay here to occupy you, the game’s languid pace and ambient soundtrack makes it seem like it was also designed to lull you into a relaxed, happy state. The combination works well.”

(See their site for a full review)

This beautiful and atmospheric game is based on a fresh addictive and easy to learn action puzzle concept that will keep you playing for hours. Help the octopus pop the bubbles while searching for the lost Atlantis and collecting colorful reef fish.

Everything in Bubble Bay is designed to give the player a fun experience with a great original game play. The graphics and special effects are vivid and colorful adding to a great oceanic feel.


– Great original game play
– Excellent graphics and special effects
– Atmospheric ambiance soundtrack
– 6 beautiful reef locations to visit
– 12 species of exotic 3d rendered fish to collect
– 30 levels of fun and lots of bonus rounds
– Amazing power-ups
– Evil dark sharks!
– Complete the octopus quest!

Bubble BayBubble BayBubble BayBubble BayBubble Bay


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