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Divide ToDo$4.99 from EnvisiGen Divide ToDo

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!!! Download a free fully-functional Lite version (instructions below).

Writing ToDo lists is easy. Actually DOING the work is where most of us “experience difficulties”. Simply put, we procrastinate.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” — Lao-Tzu.

Divide ToDo empowers you with an age-old strategy: Divide and Conquer. It helps you to avoid two common procrastination traps:

TRAP 1. Non-starting.
Is there a ToDo on your list that you keep ignoring and do nothing about? Is it because it’s too big to swallow in one bite?
SOLUTION: One small step at a time.
Keep Dividing this big ToDo into smaller, easy to handle sub-tasks. Identify the very next (single) step and write it down. Divide ToDo allows you to do that with a single tap on Divide button. If this next step is still too big – Divide it again!

TRAP 2: Paralysis by Analysis.
You plan ahead every miniscule detail, so your ToDo list becomes so long and detailed that you feel dizzy just looking at it. It’s overwhelming.
SOLUTION: Focus on the next step.
Divide ToDo organizes sub-tasks into Stacks and only makes the tip of each Stack visible in ToDo list. Complete the topmost ToDo on a Stack, and the next ToDo pops up.

No matter if all you need is a simple ToDo list, or if you are a productivity veteran practicing Getting Things Done or a similar methodology, Divide ToDo is for you!

Forget rigid and inflexible ways of organizing tasks into projects, folders, lists, etc. Simply create ToDo Stacks by dividing big tasks into smaller ones, again and again, until it becomes simple and easy to do. You can also group your tasks by Tags (GTD fans could think of Tags as Contexts), add Notes and assign Due Dates. Reorder and email ToDos.

* In iTunes: click on ALL APPLICATIONS BY ENVISIGEN, or search for “divide todo lite”
* On iPhone: search for “divide todo lite”

WATCH VIDEO TUTORIALS: http://www.DivideToDo.com

NOTE: We are committed to improving Divide ToDo and have plans for many new great features. The price will gradually increase in future versions, as we keep adding new functionality. Early buyers will be getting many updates for free!

* Pause Until Date field
* Multiple tags per ToDo
* Parallel sub-tasks
* Sync with Desktop

VISIT OUR WEBSITE: http://www.DivideToDo.com
ASK US A QUESTION: info@DivideToDo.com

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REQUEST NEW FEATURES: feedback@DivideToDo.com

KEYWORDS: task tasks todo time manage management subtask subtasks stack stacks list lists GTD

Divide ToDoDivide ToDoDivide ToDoDivide ToDoDivide ToDo


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