vCaddy$9.99 from Golf Mapz, LLC vCaddy

A Golf GPS distance tool and scorecard for the iPhone!

vCaddy is the first GPS enabled Golf tool for the iPhone 3G. With thousands of courses ready to use, vCaddy’s unique system will allow you to find out how close you are to the hole from anywhere on the course. The auto location feature will allow you to start up vCaddy and be ready to get feedback within seconds.

Is your favorite course located in an area with no cell reception? Save your favorite course information to your iPhone quickly while you are at home or work, and your vCaddy will run smoothly, even with no internet signal.

Utilize the iPhone hardware you already have instead of paying for a separate costly golf gps device. See our website for a complete listing of currently available courses (over 6,000) and quickly request that your favorite courses get added to our list instantly.

You can even add your favorite course yourself in less than 10 minutes with our web based course mapping tool. Just sign up on our website for more information.

Scorecards can be uploaded from your phone at the end of a round, allowing you to track your progress with charts, maps, and suggestions.



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