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Web Feeds$2.99 from Tuomas Artman Web Feeds

Get all of your favorite news and blogs (RDF, RSS and ATOM feeds) delivered to the beautiful, Mail-like interface of Web Feeds, and you’ll be up to date wherever you go.

Simply enter the web address of the feed you wish to subscribe to or enter any web page address and Web Feeds will look through the page and automatically discover any feeds attached to it. You can also import feeds straight from your Google Reader account.

Feed items are displayed in beautiful HTML and you can even access the original page of the item from within Web Feeds without jumping over to Safari (although you can, if you whish to). Rotation-support enhances your reading pleasure.

Once synchronized, you can read all posts even on the Subway, where you might not have a internet connection (images are not synchronized, though).

You can use the Settings application on your iPhone or iPod touch to select how many feed items to keep stored and select whether to automatically synchronize all feeds on start up.

Sort, delete and rename your feeds by going into edit mode.

Web FeedsWeb FeedsWeb FeedsWeb FeedsWeb Feeds


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