January 15, 2009

miniSynth$1.99 from Yonac miniSynth

*** The most popular synthesizer of all time for iPhone and iPod Touch! ***

Nominated for the best musical instrument app in the 2008 Best App Ever Awards, miniSynth is back with a vengeance in version 1.2. Continuing the tradition of the intuitiveness, simplicity and functionality of our music software, miniSynth packs a punch seldom expected of a synth its size. With twenty additional presets, and a new true-mono keyboard algorithm, miniSynth is now even better at evoking the venerable sounds of vintage synthesizers from modern music’s golden era.

Brought to you by the same team behind Thereminator and Tune-O-Rama, miniSynth has sounds and features that rival those of its flesh-and-blood (well….transistor-and-wood) forbears. Just experiment with its two 6-octave oscillators and ultra retro filter to see what we mean: you’ll be able to evoke sounds from Classic Rock to Electronica, and from Prog to New Wave just by moving a few sliders, or create unique voices of your own. From luscious booming bass sounds to shrill screeches, miniSynth won’t disappoint.

Highlights in v1.2

— 20 new presets, carefully programmed after classic synthesizer patches
— New keyboard control algorithm, allowing fast runs and trills without lockup
— Dedicated “Hold” switch
— “Presence” switch

Technical Specs

— 2 analog-modelling VFO’s
— “True Retro” Variable Capacitance Filter with cutoff and resonance
— 6 selectable octaves per oscillator
— 4 waveforms per VFO
— VCA envelope with attack/release for added expressiveness
— Faithful monophonic keyboard control simulation
— 48-key, 4-octave keyboard with extra-wide keys
— Built-in reverb with settable decay and repeat time
— User-controlled glide with amount
— Hold mode
— Individual VFO volumes
— Master Volume
— Yonac-designed Presence switch
— 30 presets containing classic synth programs

To experience miniSynth’s tone to the fullest, we suggest you plug in your stereo or headphones. Then beam me up, Scotty!



Birthday Cake

January 15, 2009

Birthday Cake$0.99 from Chillingo Ltd Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake — a superb application for getting you out of a tight spot, or just to make someone feel special.

Forgot your best friends Birthday Cake ? Didn’t have time to buy that perfect present ? Just heard that it’s someones Birthday ?
Get ready to impress someone with ‘Birthday Cake’ for IPhone.
Design the best looking cake — add candles, decorations and more.
Turn out the lights, hand over your iphone and watch the smiles .. people will gasp in astonishment as the candles light up and the world famous ‘Happy Birthday’ music plays.
Your Birthday boy/girl is prompted to blow out the candles — literally! (… by blowing into the microphone).
Once the candles are extinguished the crowd cheers ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday for iPhone feature list :

* Choose from 3 high quality cake designs – Circular, Heart and Rectangular — all dripping with icing
* Add text / messages as icing on the cake
* Place candles — even numeric ones — all of them light up like real candles!
* Add special sweets , fruit and more — all in gorgeous high quality graphics.
* All cake decorations can be rotated and repositioned for the perfect design
* Never lose a good cake ! Load and Save cake designs easily
* Capture you cake design as a photo and email it to someone later

Birthday Cake is developed by CDE and published by Chillingo Ltd

Birthday CakeBirthday CakeBirthday CakeBirthday CakeBirthday Cake

i. TV

January 15, 2009

i. TV$0.00 from i.TV i. TV

-This is our fifth release of i.TV and we hope that you’ll note the significant investment we have made to respond to your feedback and improve the app. If you have previously reviewed the app and were dissatisfied at the time, we hope that you’ll take a moment to resubmit your review with a positive rating.

v1.4 Description

i.TV is the only movie, DVD and TV guide you’ll ever need. Quickly find out when and where your favorite TV shows and movies are playing, anywhere in the US and Canada. Not only that, i.TV is a platform where you can access your favorite media from top brands like TiVo, Netflix and Use i.TV to buy movie tickets, rent DVDs and remotely program your TiVo DVR to record your favorite TV shows and movies with one tap!

Features include:

-Browse and search more than 144,000 TV and movie listings together with more than 100,000 DVD titles from Netflix. 
-Record to your TiVo DVR with a single tap from a show description.
-Easily add movie and TV episodes to your Netflix queue for delivery by DVD or instant streaming on your PC, Mac, Roku or TiVo system (Netflix membership required).
-Manage your Netflix queue via the My Media tab
-Find out which movies are playing in more than 5,000 local theaters and easily buy movie tickets with one tap.
-Watch video streams associated with your favorite shows, including full episodes, fan videos and bonus materials.
-View over 10,000 TV previews and movie trailers. 
-View detailed show descriptions, celebrity bios, photos and linked Wikipedia articles.
-Post your own TV and movie reviews as you watch a show
-Share TV and movie info with friends
-Catch up on what’s hot with daily entertainment news updates, show recaps and more.

If you’re experiencing persistent crashes, this is likely due to memory issues that are caused by multiple applications coexisting on your device. We suggest that you try powering off and restarting your device in order to clear conflicting memory.

If you have problems finding your television provider, please email your zip code, TV provider and a description of the problem to .

A list of frequently asked questions can be found at:

We value your feedback:

i. TVi. TVi. TVi. TVi. TV

Teach your iPhone five cool TiVo tricks
i.TV have power to knot up TiVo recordings steady the current. TiVo and iPhone, the gadget superpowers of home and bear. Don’face to face you cherish a thought of it’session note the rate of they joined forces?

Teach your iPhone five cool TiVo tricks
i.TV be able to regular up TiVo recordings on the popular censure. TiVo and iPhone, the gadget superpowers of domestic circle and bear. Don’privately you reflect it’sitting appropriated time they joined forces?

Teach your iPhone five cool TiVo tricks
i.TV can set up TiVo recordings on the run. TiVo and iPhone, the gadget superpowers of home and pocket. Don’t you think it’s time they joined forces? As it happens, your iPhone can perform all kinds of nifty TiVo tricks.

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Crazy Sword

January 15, 2009

Crazy Sword$0.99 from Crazy Sword

Next time someone asks you if that’s a sword in your pocket you can reply – ‘Why yes, it is m’lady!’. Crazy Sword is the mini sword handle for your iPhone that you control! Swing the handle to activate authentic swashbuckling sounds and metal clanging hits. You’ll be the life of your next party when you arrive sword in hand!

Uses for Crazy Sword:

– entertain onlookers with an imaginary swordfight
– liven up a boring meeting
– re-enact classic battles in your home or office
– win your next gadget battle: “Can your phone do this?”
– great conversation starter

Features of Crazy Sword:

– authentic sword sounds!
– iPhone vibrates on impact!
– uplifting soundtrack
– swordmanship rankings to unlock
– tap blade to sheath
– safe for kids

Note: In case you are wondering, the Sword does not actually cut anything.

Note to iPod Touch owners: Crazy Sword will work on your iPod, but without speakers or vibrate it’s not as fun.

Crazy SwordCrazy SwordCrazy Sword

02/02 free limited ipa's
-Sensi Dial…297809869&mt=8 -TickTock…300702317&mt=8 -Matcher…289943597&mt=8 -Bright puzzles: Fruits

Apps On Sale In The App Store on 02/02/2009
This is your daily serving of iPhone and iPod Touch applications on sale. Today, iPhone Download Blog is bringing you the latest apps that are currently on sale in the App Store. Some of them are even free! If you were hesitating about

Hey Taxi

January 15, 2009

Hey Taxi$0.99 from The Web Machine Shop Hey Taxi

Hey Taxi is the fastest way to get a cab anywhere. It’s a must-have  for city living, business travelers, bar hoppers, or your next  vacation. Hey Taxi is so simple to use that it doesn’t even need  instructions. Just open Hey Taxi and call the closest cab instantly.

Hey Taxi is the only application for iPhone that offers all these features:
-** Now Top 8 closest cab companies, with LARGER visual map
-Response-time ratings show which cabs arrive fastest in your area
-Intelligent GPS works fast, even in weak signal areas
-Application settings to customize location accuracy
-Created by professional programmers
-The only taxi finder that also lets you type alternate addresses

-Open Hey Taxi
-Tap the closest cab company, or select based on response-time ratings
-Reserve your cab
-Tap Hey Taxi when your cab arrives

(Free update for all Hey Taxi owners)
-Bookmark your favorite cabs
-SmartGPS data to enhance response time rankings
-More customizable settings
-Taxi facts and tips

Hey TaxiHey TaxiHey TaxiHey TaxiHey Taxi

Seek Cache

January 15, 2009

Seek Cache$0.99 from JMHammond Seek Cache

Using Seek Cache is ridiculously simple:

Step 1: Tap the Seek Cache icon (and allow it to access your location).
Step 2: You’re done! Look at your nearby caches and go adventure!

Seek Cache sends your GPS coordinates (for the 3G iPhone) or your approximate location (for the original iPhone) to the Groundspeak search. The results are displayed immediately in Safari.

Why waste time punching in coordinates with the small keypad when you can let Seek Cache do it for you!

Seek Cache


January 15, 2009

Asthma-Charter$4.99 from e-Agent Asthma-Charter

Asthma-Charter™ is a peak flow and medication recording application installed on your iPhone.

Asthma-Charter™ was developed to provide you with self-monitoring & logging your peak flow measurements and medication dosages, providing you and your doctor with the needed record keeping to maximize the benefits of any treatment.

As with our other Health Charter applications Asthma-Charter™ includes a doctor reporting feature.

In evaluating the potential of using Asthma-Charter do feel free to visit our support site (See Support Link Below) and review our extensive “Asthma-Charter Manual” that contains over 20 screenshots. This record keeping application requires the user to have a PFM to obtain measurements.