Hey Taxi

Hey Taxi$0.99 from The Web Machine Shop Hey Taxi

Hey Taxi is the fastest way to get a cab anywhere. It’s a must-have  for city living, business travelers, bar hoppers, or your next  vacation. Hey Taxi is so simple to use that it doesn’t even need  instructions. Just open Hey Taxi and call the closest cab instantly.

Hey Taxi is the only application for iPhone that offers all these features:
-** Now Top 8 closest cab companies, with LARGER visual map
-Response-time ratings show which cabs arrive fastest in your area
-Intelligent GPS works fast, even in weak signal areas
-Application settings to customize location accuracy
-Created by professional programmers
-The only taxi finder that also lets you type alternate addresses

-Open Hey Taxi
-Tap the closest cab company, or select based on response-time ratings
-Reserve your cab
-Tap Hey Taxi when your cab arrives

(Free update for all Hey Taxi owners)
-Bookmark your favorite cabs
-SmartGPS data to enhance response time rankings
-More customizable settings
-Taxi facts and tips

Hey TaxiHey TaxiHey TaxiHey TaxiHey Taxi


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