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-This is our fifth release of i.TV and we hope that you’ll note the significant investment we have made to respond to your feedback and improve the app. If you have previously reviewed the app and were dissatisfied at the time, we hope that you’ll take a moment to resubmit your review with a positive rating.

v1.4 Description

i.TV is the only movie, DVD and TV guide you’ll ever need. Quickly find out when and where your favorite TV shows and movies are playing, anywhere in the US and Canada. Not only that, i.TV is a platform where you can access your favorite media from top brands like TiVo, Netflix and MovieTickets.com. Use i.TV to buy movie tickets, rent DVDs and remotely program your TiVo DVR to record your favorite TV shows and movies with one tap!

Features include:

-Browse and search more than 144,000 TV and movie listings together with more than 100,000 DVD titles from Netflix. 
-Record to your TiVo DVR with a single tap from a show description.
-Easily add movie and TV episodes to your Netflix queue for delivery by DVD or instant streaming on your PC, Mac, Roku or TiVo system (Netflix membership required).
-Manage your Netflix queue via the My Media tab
-Find out which movies are playing in more than 5,000 local theaters and easily buy movie tickets with one tap.
-Watch video streams associated with your favorite shows, including full episodes, fan videos and bonus materials.
-View over 10,000 TV previews and movie trailers. 
-View detailed show descriptions, celebrity bios, photos and linked Wikipedia articles.
-Post your own TV and movie reviews as you watch a show
-Share TV and movie info with friends
-Catch up on what’s hot with daily entertainment news updates, show recaps and more.

If you’re experiencing persistent crashes, this is likely due to memory issues that are caused by multiple applications coexisting on your device. We suggest that you try powering off and restarting your device in order to clear conflicting memory.

If you have problems finding your television provider, please email your zip code, TV provider and a description of the problem to data@i.tv .

A list of frequently asked questions can be found at: http://www.i.tv/support

We value your feedback: feedback@i.tv

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Teach your iPhone five cool TiVo tricks
i.TV have power to knot up TiVo recordings steady the current. TiVo and iPhone, the gadget superpowers of home and bear. Don’face to face you cherish a thought of it’session note the rate of they joined forces?

Teach your iPhone five cool TiVo tricks
i.TV be able to regular up TiVo recordings on the popular censure. TiVo and iPhone, the gadget superpowers of domestic circle and bear. Don’privately you reflect it’sitting appropriated time they joined forces?

Teach your iPhone five cool TiVo tricks
i.TV can set up TiVo recordings on the run. TiVo and iPhone, the gadget superpowers of home and pocket. Don’t you think it’s time they joined forces? As it happens, your iPhone can perform all kinds of nifty TiVo tricks.

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