miniSynth$1.99 from Yonac miniSynth

*** The most popular synthesizer of all time for iPhone and iPod Touch! ***

Nominated for the best musical instrument app in the 2008 Best App Ever Awards, miniSynth is back with a vengeance in version 1.2. Continuing the tradition of the intuitiveness, simplicity and functionality of our music software, miniSynth packs a punch seldom expected of a synth its size. With twenty additional presets, and a new true-mono keyboard algorithm, miniSynth is now even better at evoking the venerable sounds of vintage synthesizers from modern music’s golden era.

Brought to you by the same team behind Thereminator and Tune-O-Rama, miniSynth has sounds and features that rival those of its flesh-and-blood (well….transistor-and-wood) forbears. Just experiment with its two 6-octave oscillators and ultra retro filter to see what we mean: you’ll be able to evoke sounds from Classic Rock to Electronica, and from Prog to New Wave just by moving a few sliders, or create unique voices of your own. From luscious booming bass sounds to shrill screeches, miniSynth won’t disappoint.

Highlights in v1.2

— 20 new presets, carefully programmed after classic synthesizer patches
— New keyboard control algorithm, allowing fast runs and trills without lockup
— Dedicated “Hold” switch
— “Presence” switch

Technical Specs

— 2 analog-modelling VFO’s
— “True Retro” Variable Capacitance Filter with cutoff and resonance
— 6 selectable octaves per oscillator
— 4 waveforms per VFO
— VCA envelope with attack/release for added expressiveness
— Faithful monophonic keyboard control simulation
— 48-key, 4-octave keyboard with extra-wide keys
— Built-in reverb with settable decay and repeat time
— User-controlled glide with amount
— Hold mode
— Individual VFO volumes
— Master Volume
— Yonac-designed Presence switch
— 30 presets containing classic synth programs

To experience miniSynth’s tone to the fullest, we suggest you plug in your stereo or headphones. Then beam me up, Scotty!



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