Glucose-Charter$0.99 from e-Agent Glucose-Charter

Glucose-Charter™ is a blood glucose, insulin and medication recording tool installed on your iPhone.
It will help any Diabetic patient manage their Diabetes, type 1 and 2.

Significantly Glucose-Charter™ will record your Insulin and medications in a diary and optionally report these to your doctor every 30 days.

Glucose-Charter™ was developed to provide you with self-monitoring & logging your blood glucose, insulin and other medication known carbohydrate foods and to reinforce the positive benefits of frequent exercise. In using the Glucose-Charter™ program you will find an extensive food database that presents several different means for evaluating the foods you choose to eat. The unique Glucose-Charter™ food information display will make eating decisions much easier and provide you and your doctor with the needed record keeping, maximizing the benefits of your ongoing treatment.

In evaluating the potential of using Glucose-Charter™ do feel free to visit our support site (See Support Link Below) and review our extensive “Glucose-Charter™ Manual” that contains over 40 screenshots.



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