Traffic UK

Traffic UK$1.99 from CLO Software Traffic UK

Real-time traffic reports on your iPhone, now available in the UK!

Based on your current location, or any other location you configure, Traffic UK will retrieve the current traffic conditions in the area and display them on a map or in a customized listing. Easily switch back and forth between map view and list view to monitor all of the traffic around you.

Choose the order that traffic items are shown, the severity, and how large of a search area to cover.

Each traffic item contains detailed information about the incident, and can be shown on a map so you know exactly where the traffic is located.

Traffic UK makes mobile traffic monitoring simple and convenient.


– There are traffic feeds for ALL of the UK, but they are not included in the app by default. To get more detailed traffic reports, users must enter TPEG URLs into the app for their area. Please email support for more information on the TPEG feeds to enter!

– There is an option in the app to filter out all roadworks items from the list so you can focus on traffic. In the Options view, scroll to the bottom and turn off roadworks items via the switch.


Traffic UKTraffic UKTraffic UKTraffic UKTraffic UK


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