Simple Cash

Simple Cash$2.99 from ivan bies Simple Cash

Simple Cash is a cash management software specially designed for full covering of your cash management needs : usual accounts and transactions management to check your banking accounts AND budget with expense tracking.

FREE Simple Cash Lite is available for evaluation

IMPORT/EXPORT function with GOOGLE spreadsheet offers you free integration with online bank or other cash management software.

Key Features :
– interface specially designed for iphone with 4 top level views of your cash :
+ accounts,
+ categories
+ book of transactions
+ expense and budget tracking

– create and manage custom “live” filters (ie only displayed when relevant) available in the 3 entry points for direct tracking.
– import/export transactions with GOOGLE spreadsheet document.

– budget management
– expense and budget tracking function with ::
+ period selection (starting month, ending month)
+ account selection or all
+ balances tracking for the chosen period (income, expense, pending,…)
+ categories tracking for the chosen period (% total, budget tracking..)

– password protection
– scheduled transactions management
– cumulative balance displayed in transactions list
– quick entry of transaction using custom template
– quick entry of transfer between accounts
– loan calculator
– unlimited number of accounts, categories, transactions, filters (designed to handle hundreds of transactions and more..)
– customizable list : account types, transaction types..
– tools to manage database: move between accounts, categories, purge,..
– currency symbol and date format read from regional format
– and more..
– English and french currently available for user interface (default english). German, Italian and Spanish planned.

check my website for budget management description and google import/export tutorial

Simple CashSimple CashSimple CashSimple CashSimple Cash


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