Tunic Violin

Tunic Violin$49.99 from Bernhard Stopper Tunic Violin

Tunic® series provides the most precise tuners available for the iPhone, operating at a frequency resolution of less than 0.05 cent.

Exclusively featuring StopperStimmung™, a slightly stretched tuning invented in 1988 by german master piano maker Bernhard Stopper, creating an amazing sound on your instrument through constructive harmonic interference caused by the tunings stunning structural symmetry.

Choose your appropriate tuner out of two available versions, to suit your specific needs:

The basic version with standard 440 Hz pitch.

For the professional user, TUNIC VIOLIN is available on the app store with a variable pitch range from 415-460 Hz.


Green pointer:
Fine tuning resolution: 0.05 cent in a visible range of +-10 cent

Yellow pointer:
Coarse tuning resolution: 0.5 cent in a visible range of +-100 cent

To change pitch, push on the pitch number and edit pitch as desired.

As the extreme precision requires a high amount of processor performance, note selection is manually.

iPod touch 2G requires iPhone headset with built in microphone.

Tunic Violin


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