GPS FoodEasy (Hong Kong)

January 19, 2009

GPS FoodEasy (Hong Kong)$0.00 from Tim Chan GPS FoodEasy (Hong Kong)

GPS FoodEasy is an offline based restaurant search engine in Hong Kong. Users can simply search by keyword and make reservation by using tap-to-call. With WIFI or GPRS support, users can view the map of restaurants and search the restaurants nearby. GPS FoodEasy is an excellent tool for traveler, it can estimate taxi fee through distance calculation function. Bilingual information enables foreigners to reach their target restaurants more easily.

–Chinese or English Interface.
–Over 16,000 restaurants record with reservation phone number, address in English and Chinese, and location with Google Map supported.
–Tap-to-call for restaurant reservation.
–Keyword search for name and address of the restaurants.
–Restaurants categorization.
–Restaurants list grouped providing quick index search.
–Shake-Shake to random restaurants from the list.
–Google Maps embedded to locate the restaurant.
–GPS enabled to support distance calculation
–Google Maps suggested route to the restaurant
–View/Share comments/photos anytime, anywhere
–Backup & Restore bookmark to server
–Bookmark support personal notes
–Email restaurant details to friends

–從食肆名單中, 用戶可以 Shake-Shake 來隨機查看食肆名單
–支援iPhone GPS 功能,提供食家現在位置與食肆位置距離,並提供建議路線圖
–Bookmark功能,並提供個人筆記記錄(方便記錄Booking no.等資料)
–優惠推介 : 熱門推介,信月咭優惠以及E-Coupon功能,提供用戶隨時瀏覽及下載資訊到手機

Build for Software Update 2.2

GPS FoodEasy (Hong Kong)GPS FoodEasy (Hong Kong)GPS FoodEasy (Hong Kong)GPS FoodEasy (Hong Kong)GPS FoodEasy (Hong Kong)


Sudoku 401

January 19, 2009

Sudoku 401$7.99 from Sudobility Sudoku 401

If you want to improve your Sudoku skills, Sudoku 401 will help you learn and play.

Sudoku 401 is a Sudoku game, a generator, a solver, and a teacher/tutor.

First, it is a serious Sudoku game.

– Puzzle generator for unlimited play. You will never see the same game twice.
– Clean and simple game board, so you can focus on the playing instead of being distracted by colors and/or shapes.
– Ability to enter the game manually, copy from newspaper, books, or other software.
– Tap on a clue to highlight potential locations for the number. Tap again to go back to normal viewing.
– Automatic or manual pencilmarks, which can be switched during the game play with one tap.
– Automatically saves the game when you leave, ability to continue when you come back.
– Option to use either symmetrically or non-symmetrical Sudoku boards.
– Option to show error.

Even more, it teaches you the logic and techniques of Sudoku, with its multi-step teaching system. All of the techniques are human logic, not computer brutal force.

– Difficulty level is defined by the techniques used, not by number of clues.
– Beginner: Full House, Hidden Single and Naked Single.
– Moderate: Hidden and Naked Pair, Locked Candidates.
– Challenging: Hidden and Naked Triple and Quad, X-Wing.
– Difficult: Swordfish, Jellyfish, XY-Wing and Finned X-Wing.
– Expert: Squirmbag, Finned Swordfish and Jellyfish (that also includes Fishy Cycle, Sashimi Fish and Turbot Fish), XYZ-Wing and WXYZ-Wing.
– Extreme: ALS-XZ (Almost locked set) and Finned Squirmbag.

Check out our screenshot to see how the teaching works.

Sudoku 401Sudoku 401Sudoku 401Sudoku 401Sudoku 401

Inspired Ones

January 19, 2009

Inspired Ones$0.00 from randy edmonds Inspired Ones

Inspired Ones
– Daily Quotes to Enrich your Life –

Read the Quote, Learn about the person and Discover a good Book.

– Read the Quote –
Inspired Ones presents you with an inspiring quote everyday. Each day’s quote is unique for that day of the year, no repeats for the entire year. Each quote has been hand-selected from some of the most inspiring people in history.

– Learn about the Person –
Go beyond just reading the quote, actually learn about the person behind the quote! Inspired Ones presents you with the Wikipedia article of the person who said the daily quote.

– Discover a good Book –
Want to know even more? Expand your knowledge by discovering a good book (either written by or about the person who said the daily quote). Inspired Ones presents you with a list of related books (from Amazon).

Using Inspired Ones everyday can make you an “inspired one”!

*internet connection required

Inspired OnesInspired OnesInspired OnesInspired Ones

Memeo Share

January 19, 2009

Memeo Share$0.00 from Memeo Inc. Memeo Share


If you love your iPhone, you are going to love the new Memeo Share! Instantly share your iPhone generated photos with your friends and family for FREE.

Share your pictures on the fly, as they happen. Your friends can then check up and see your latest adventures on their computer or their own iPhone. No email attachments. No hesitation. No problems. Have the freedom to share photos from anywhere with anyone!

– Instant photo sharing from your iPhone
– Photos sent directly to the computer desktop of family and friends
– Memeo Share’s camera shortcut means you can take a picture without ever exiting the app
– Tag your photos to easily organize and search for your favorites
– Instantly view new photos your friends and family add to your Sharing Circles™ right on your iPhone

Memeo ShareMemeo ShareMemeo ShareMemeo ShareMemeo Share

8 Aplicaciones para mejorar tus fotos con el iPhone
Existen varias aplicaciones para el iPhone en el Appstore que permiten agregar efectos, crear animaciones y hasta compartirlas con las demás personas, por eso he creado este recopilatorio de aplicaciones que he encontrado interesante y


January 19, 2009

iFive$0.00 from GingerMonkey Games iFive

Are you uncoordinated and seem to never connect on high fives? Never again with iFive! Wind up and achieve a successful celebration every time. Complete with accelerometer support and realistic high five sound.

Includes 11 other sounds and gestures to show how great you are! Display approval with a thumbs up, or disdain with a thumbs down. Love your neighbors with a peace sign. Let the horns unleash when you’re rocking out… and more!

Please be aware that some gestures may have different meanings in various cultures. This is a fun tool, and is not meant to cause harm to others.



January 19, 2009

Dynolicious$12.99 from BunsenTech Dynolicious

So you’ve already got a sweet ride… now you can measure just how sweet it is. Dynolicious uses the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer to measure you vehicle’s 0-60 acceleration, quarter mile elapsed time, horsepower, lateral G’s, and several other performance metrics. A history of test results for your car are saved, so averages and trends can instantly be retrieved. Dynolicious also allows you to record modifications made to your car, and to evaluate the resulting gains (or losses) in power and performance.

Dynolicious has been track-tested at a major dragstrip against regulation timing equipment, and has demonstrated accuracy comparable to standalone performance meters which cost hundreds of dollars.

Dynolicious now has support for both US and International units of measurement, including MPH or km/h speeds, lb or kg weights, and HP or kW power figures.

Whether you’re a serious tuner or a casual enthusiast, you’ll find the feature-rich and easy-to-use Dynolicious is both a valuable tool and fun car toy.

Dynolicious is intended for experienced drivers in a suitable location. Always obey traffic laws.



January 19, 2009

Swissquote$0.00 from Swissquote Swissquote

Swissquote is the Swiss leader in online trading and financial services. The Swissquote platform provides analysis tools and financial information and keeps you in permanent touch with the markets.

The iPhone application gives direct access to the main stock exchanges with a view on the latest financial news. Create your own list with your favourite stocks and follow their daily or historical evolution.

Useful Tip:
– To delete a security from the list, stroke it with your finger from left to right