GPS FoodEasy (Hong Kong)

GPS FoodEasy (Hong Kong)$0.00 from Tim Chan GPS FoodEasy (Hong Kong)

GPS FoodEasy is an offline based restaurant search engine in Hong Kong. Users can simply search by keyword and make reservation by using tap-to-call. With WIFI or GPRS support, users can view the map of restaurants and search the restaurants nearby. GPS FoodEasy is an excellent tool for traveler, it can estimate taxi fee through distance calculation function. Bilingual information enables foreigners to reach their target restaurants more easily.

–Chinese or English Interface.
–Over 16,000 restaurants record with reservation phone number, address in English and Chinese, and location with Google Map supported.
–Tap-to-call for restaurant reservation.
–Keyword search for name and address of the restaurants.
–Restaurants categorization.
–Restaurants list grouped providing quick index search.
–Shake-Shake to random restaurants from the list.
–Google Maps embedded to locate the restaurant.
–GPS enabled to support distance calculation
–Google Maps suggested route to the restaurant
–View/Share comments/photos anytime, anywhere
–Backup & Restore bookmark to server
–Bookmark support personal notes
–Email restaurant details to friends

–從食肆名單中, 用戶可以 Shake-Shake 來隨機查看食肆名單
–支援iPhone GPS 功能,提供食家現在位置與食肆位置距離,並提供建議路線圖
–Bookmark功能,並提供個人筆記記錄(方便記錄Booking no.等資料)
–優惠推介 : 熱門推介,信月咭優惠以及E-Coupon功能,提供用戶隨時瀏覽及下載資訊到手機

Build for Software Update 2.2

GPS FoodEasy (Hong Kong)GPS FoodEasy (Hong Kong)GPS FoodEasy (Hong Kong)GPS FoodEasy (Hong Kong)GPS FoodEasy (Hong Kong)


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