Memeo Share

Memeo Share$0.00 from Memeo Inc. Memeo Share


If you love your iPhone, you are going to love the new Memeo Share! Instantly share your iPhone generated photos with your friends and family for FREE.

Share your pictures on the fly, as they happen. Your friends can then check up and see your latest adventures on their computer or their own iPhone. No email attachments. No hesitation. No problems. Have the freedom to share photos from anywhere with anyone!

– Instant photo sharing from your iPhone
– Photos sent directly to the computer desktop of family and friends
– Memeo Share’s camera shortcut means you can take a picture without ever exiting the app
– Tag your photos to easily organize and search for your favorites
– Instantly view new photos your friends and family add to your Sharing Circles™ right on your iPhone

Memeo ShareMemeo ShareMemeo ShareMemeo ShareMemeo Share

8 Aplicaciones para mejorar tus fotos con el iPhone
Existen varias aplicaciones para el iPhone en el Appstore que permiten agregar efectos, crear animaciones y hasta compartirlas con las demás personas, por eso he creado este recopilatorio de aplicaciones que he encontrado interesante y


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