My Memory

My Memory$0.99 from Jedidiah Laudenslayer My Memory

** ON SALE NOW ONLY $0.99 **

MyMemory pair matching with a twist.


– Choose your own images
– Landscape mode for wide images
– Button skins (more to come)
– Customizable image transitions
– Saved game state on quit

MyMemory is a simple pair matching game. When you choose a card in this memory game it will show the image full size behind the semi transparent cards. Also the images that are used are images chosen from your own image library. The transitions between images are customizable and so are the buttons. This game is fully customizable with more button skins and customization options to come.

Notes on reviews:
The ability to only choose one image at a time is a limitation placed by apple and I have no control over it.

How To Play:
When the game finishes loading touch GO. From there you can touch the icon in the lower right (Cog) to flip to settings view. There is a help tab with full instructions on how to play.

My MemoryMy MemoryMy MemoryMy MemoryMy Memory


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