uShave – Virtual Electric Shaver

January 21, 2009

uShave - Virtual Electric Shaver$0.99 from Exedria uShave - Virtual Electric Shaver

Have lot of fun with your friends using uShave, an amazing virtual electric shaver for iPhone and iPod Touch! Move it like a real shaver: uShave replicates the look and feel of a modern electric shaver with great graphics, motion sensitive action, active display, glowing switches, accurate sound effects and plenty of features for unlimited fun!

• Extremely accurate graphic design simulating the look and feel of a real electric shaver
• Motion sensitive action using the accelerometer of the device!
• Glowing Blue on/off switch
• Glowing “Pulse Mode” switch: uShave vibrates and pulses! (only with devices supporting vibration)
• Working Long Hair Trimmer: a single touch to push out the trimmer!
• Original sound effects accurately sampled from real electric shavers. * Please notice that on 1st generation iPod Touch sound effects work using headphones or external speakers only.
• Huge glowing display showing numeric and graphic timer! (50 seconds with Auto-Off function)
• “Keep Active” mode to avoid the device to go in standby mode
• Amazingly simple and fun to use!

* Please notice that uShave it’s NOT a real electric shaver!

uShave - Virtual Electric ShaveruShave - Virtual Electric ShaveruShave - Virtual Electric ShaveruShave - Virtual Electric Shaver


Snowglobe Souvenirs

January 21, 2009

Snowglobe Souvenirs$0.00 from Persuasive Games Snowglobe Souvenirs

*** Crashes related to user-created objects have been fixed! Thanks for your feedback! ***

A snowglobe toy for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Tilt, turn, and shake it like a real snowglobe.

You can play with the high-quality, humorous stock objects provided, or import a photo or image downloaded from the Internet to put in your snowglobe. Save and edit these to show friends or family.

Snowglobe also allows you to import souvenirs from the 100 worldwide airports in Persuasive Games’s iPhone/iPod Touch game Jetset, via Facebook. Follow the product link for more information.

Key Features:

– Realistic 3D snowglobe simulation responds to motion and shaking like a real snowglobe
– More than a dozen high-quality stock objects, with more added regularly
– Import photos and images to add to your snowglobe
– Mask imported photos for more realism; block off the background so snow can stick to your friends
– Download souvenirs from Jetset via your Facebook account

Snowglobe SouvenirsSnowglobe SouvenirsSnowglobe SouvenirsSnowglobe SouvenirsSnowglobe Souvenirs

iPhone: 威尼斯人小擺設
Free App: Snowglobe Souvenirs. 3 Feb: US $0.9 –> Free. 其實依啲小擺設iPhone 真係大把,大家唔使嘥錢去買,梗家唔使特登走到去澳門威尼斯人用HKD 290 去買,留返啲錢嚟買App 好過啦! download. Posted in App, Iphone Tagged: free app, Iphone.

Snowglobe Souvenirs – New App
A snowglobe toy for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Tilt, turn, and shake it like a real snowglobe. You can play with the high-quality, humorous stock objects provided, or import a photo or image downloaded from the Internet to put in your

Valentine & Love C@rds

January 21, 2009

Valentine & Love C@rds$1.99 from Hot Chili Apps Valentine & Love C@rds

Who would not be thrilled to receive a greeting sent ‘From Russia With Love’? On the other hand, ‘From Everywhere With Love’ sounds even more romantic! If you would like to surprise your beloved with a truly spontaneous profession of ardour.

This App is a quick, easy, creative way to send personalized Love cards or postcards right from your iPhone / iPod touch. Valentine & Love C@rds are e-cards where you can choose beautiful and romantic templates, add photos from your album or camera, add text wherever you want, add a shadow and save it to your album or send them out directly from the App.

Valentine & Love C@rds is a easy-to-use way to create stunning mobile c@rds. Use one of the 51 templates, use the colorpicker to choose the colour you like and even save it for further use. With just two fingers you can scale, and rotate your photos or text, with just one finger you can position it wherever you want. Choose your font from all available fonts in the iPhone / iPod touch. You can import and reimport c@rds and graphics from your album as photos to give you unlimited freedom for your ideas.

You create and decide! It is the ultimate application for everyone who believes in true love and wants to let his or her beloved know.

See also Photo C@rds and Birthday c@rds with more templates here in the store.

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas how we could make this app better for you just send a mail to our support. We have no chance to answer or help if you just write a review. We welcome your feedback and reviews!

The people behind Valentine & Love C@rds wish to state expressly that the product is designed solely for entertainment purposes. And that its use is no substitute for a visit to your future in-laws…

Valentine & Love C@rdsValentine & Love C@rdsValentine & Love C@rdsValentine & Love C@rdsValentine & Love C@rds

Crit – Dice roller

January 21, 2009

Crit - Dice roller$1.99 from Treeness, LLC Crit - Dice roller

Crit is a dice rolling application designed for role-players. It focuses on providing a clean interface that reduces the repetitiveness of having to choose the quantity and number of sides each time the dice are rolled. You won’t have to keep typing something like “4d6” every time you need to roll.

Dice are available with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, or 100 sides. Users can quickly select a single die type or one of the four customizable dice sets for common rolls. Each dice set can have up to three groups of dice types. It’s great for d20 and other role-playing systems, as well as any board games that require dice.

Crit uses colorful icons to show the type of die rolled. When rolling multiple dice, individual rolls are noted along with a total. Crit also provides a erasable history of your recent rolls.

Crit was designed to be fast and hassle-free. I hope you enjoy it!

Please feel free to send any questions, comments, and suggestions to

Crit - Dice rollerCrit - Dice rollerCrit - Dice rollerCrit - Dice rollerCrit - Dice roller

Trivial Pop Culture

January 21, 2009

Trivial Pop Culture$4.99 from Dragon Forged Software Trivial Pop Culture

Trivial series by Dragon Forged Software.

• Thousands of questions.
• In game networked high score system.
• Multiple interface themes.
• Head to head network play across any network with zero configuration. (Supports 3G, Edge and Wifi).
• Play against a friend and use their question database for the networked game.
• Pause-able and resumable games, crash protection game state awareness (If you crash, take a call, or loose power, Trivial will be able to resume the game you left off at)
• New artificial intelligence engine, challenge yourself against 4 levels of computer player.
• Better question randomization, questions will no longer repeat between games and even game restarts. Trivial will exhaust the question supply before starting over.
• 4 Single player game types.
• New mode – Timeless. No clock no pressure, take as long as you want to answer.
• Smart questions, question difficulty adjust in real time based off of your skill level.
• Dynamic soundtrack that adapts music pace to difficulty of the current question.

* Be sure to check out our other Trivial games in the App store!

Trivial Pop CultureTrivial Pop CultureTrivial Pop CultureTrivial Pop CultureTrivial Pop Culture


January 21, 2009

Colony$0.99 from Chris Haynes Colony

50 levels of addictive puzzling strategy fun! Play against your iPhone/iPod touch or another player, taking it in turns to place triangular pieces on the board to fill up hexagons. When a hexagon has as many pieces within it as it has hexagons touching it, it explodes and sends its pieces to those hexagons surrounding it, making those hexagons your own.

Gain bonuses by setting off chain reactions of explosions to ‘colonise’ more hexagons.

Once you’ve colonised the required percentage of hexagons, you win and advance to the next level.

Plan your game wisely, as one wrong move can really turn the tables!

– 1-player and 2-player modes
– 50 levels
– NEW! Hi-scores!
– NEW! Bonus levels!
– NEW! Special bonus hexagons!
– Random boards
– Levels grow in difficulty
– Resume a game
– Start at any level you’ve previously reached in 1-player mode



January 21, 2009

Reversi$1.99 from Kiss The Machine Reversi

Reversi (also known as Othello) is a much-loved classic strategy game, often described as taking only a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master. Each game only takes a few minutes, making it ideal for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It can be played by all ages.


– One or two player mode
– Five levels of difficulty from beginner to master
– Each level has its own style of play
– Strong computer opponent at higher levels
– Fast computer play
– Hints option to help improve your game play
– Classic and wood styled reversi boards
– Animated pieces
– Sound effects
– Unlimited undo and redo
– Scoreboard
– Resume game in progress on restart

“There are several free Reversi games in the app store, but none have the breadth of options or depth of AI of this paid version. AppCraver looks forward to seeing what developer Kiss The Machine comes up with next” –

“For those who are serious about playing Reversi and want a serious AI challenge get this one” – best iPhone and iPod Touch games