Trivial Pop Culture

Trivial Pop Culture$4.99 from Dragon Forged Software Trivial Pop Culture

Trivial series by Dragon Forged Software.

• Thousands of questions.
• In game networked high score system.
• Multiple interface themes.
• Head to head network play across any network with zero configuration. (Supports 3G, Edge and Wifi).
• Play against a friend and use their question database for the networked game.
• Pause-able and resumable games, crash protection game state awareness (If you crash, take a call, or loose power, Trivial will be able to resume the game you left off at)
• New artificial intelligence engine, challenge yourself against 4 levels of computer player.
• Better question randomization, questions will no longer repeat between games and even game restarts. Trivial will exhaust the question supply before starting over.
• 4 Single player game types.
• New mode – Timeless. No clock no pressure, take as long as you want to answer.
• Smart questions, question difficulty adjust in real time based off of your skill level.
• Dynamic soundtrack that adapts music pace to difficulty of the current question.

* Be sure to check out our other Trivial games in the App store!

Trivial Pop CultureTrivial Pop CultureTrivial Pop CultureTrivial Pop CultureTrivial Pop Culture


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