RPSOnline$0.99 from Eat More Ink.. RPSOnline

Are you ready for the ultimate Rock Paper Scissors experience?

At Eat More Ink., We have taken the time to read every review posted on all of the Rock Paper Scissors apps. It was clear immediately what you wanted!! Online Play!!!

We give you, RPSOnline!!

RPSOnline is the highly anticipated Online version of Rock Paper Scissors that allows you to compete against opponents from around the world, not just around your living room, or against a preset computer opponent.

You can even send messages to other users using the new Message system!!!

RPSOnline provides stats on your opponents such as their win / loss record, as well as their weapon choice stats! You can view our leader boards from inside the app!

RPSOnline allows you to settle almost any dispute globally!!!


RapidMovement: I appreciate all feedback, even if I think 1 star is a little harsh considering I don’t make any false claims, and the app works perfectly. There is no way to ensure that someone you are playing against stays online.

If you’d like to discuss ways I can improve please drop me a line. bikr@bikr.net


RPSOnline 1.3 is awaiting Apple’s approval!! New: Profile Images!!!!! UI Reorganization!!

Dev Log:

1.2 is currently in the appstore!

1.3 is in development!!


RPS Online: la morra cinese in multiplayer
RPS Online è il classico gioco “Carta, forbice e pietra” ma con la possibilità di sfidare altri giocatori online. Titolo: RPS Online. Prezzo: 0,79€. Dimensione: 400 Kb. Link AppStore. Il gioco è molto semplice e le regole sono risapute.


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