Weight-Charter$0.99 from e-Agent Weight-Charter

Weight-Charter™ is a diet and exercise program for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Years of scientific research, suggests that there is only one approach to dieting that yields significant and sustainable weight loss and is indeed related to extension of life expectancy and that is caloric restriction.

As there are only two ways to produce such caloric restriction; eat fewer calories or burn many more of them, any sensible approach will need to meet these dual goals.

This is still the best diet plan available and we have now mated this scientifically sound approach to the advanced technology platform of the iPhone & iTouch, which makes the diet truly portable and graphically effective.

Weight-Charter™ is still the only iPhone diet application that will send periodic email reports to you or your doctor and do so with the required privacy needed to meet HIPAA privacy regulations!

To evaluate Weight-Charter™ effectively, we recommend using the support link below to view the entire Weight-Charter™ manual and more than 30 screenshots.



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