WordRoll ES-Spanish/English Translation Dictionary

WordRoll ES-Spanish/English Translation Dictionary$2.99 from TranCreative Software WordRoll ES-Spanish/English Translation Dictionary

We wouldn’t call it a full dictionary but WordRoll ES can be your handiest and quickest Spanish/English reference in your pocket. It provides direct and precise word to word translations between Spanish and English.

Plus, everything is on one page, probably the longest page you will ever see. The page scrolls as you type right into the entry you look for. No selecting, no navigating, the content is there the moment you complete typing.

– 38,000 entries in each direction (English to Spanish and Spanish to English)
– Changing translation directions in one tap
– Two column scrolling page presents contents at a glance

Note: WordRoll ES does not require Internet connection to run.

Also check out the major update of WordBook Dictionary & Thesaurus of the English Language.

Other WordRoll apps are available for Dutch, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Swedish.

WordRoll ES-Spanish/English Translation DictionaryWordRoll ES-Spanish/English Translation Dictionary


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