Daily Proverbs – NASB Bible

Daily Proverbs - NASB Bible$0.99 from Jak In The Box Productions Daily Proverbs - NASB Bible


Have you ever left your home wishing you would have read a chapter from Proverbs for daily encouragement? This app is here to help you.

Daily Proverbs – NASB is an application that rotates through the chapters of Proverbs and displays the corresponding chapter with the current day of the month.

Want to read more? With this application you will have the entire book of Proverbs at your finger tips on your iPhone or iPod touch. The chapter is displayed in an easy to read manner and the user interface is simple and ease to use.

– New American Standard Bible version
– Displays Proverbs chapters 1-31 (based on the current day)
– Access to any or all chapters of Proverbs NASB
– No Internet Connection Needed
– This Is Not A Subscription Service (Pay once and the software is yours)

Looking for a different version? Try Daily Proverbs – ASV or Daily Proverbs – KJV.

Daily Proverbs - NASB BibleDaily Proverbs - NASB BibleDaily Proverbs - NASB Bible


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