Rock'n'Roll$0.99 from Tag Games Limited Rock'n'Roll

Set out on an epic quest to save your kidnapped best friend and have fun along the way in this AWARD WINNING arcade puzzle game!

Rock’n’Roll is an arcade game of rapidly spinning mazes and manic action everyone will enjoy! Just rotate the maze using motion or touch control to ROCK and ROLL!

If you liked Super Monkey Ball, Jewel Quest or Labyrinth you’ll love this!

Get physical with motion and touch
30 HUGE mazes to explore
3 stunning locations
Two game modes – Quest and Clock

Bronze Award – “quite superb 7/10”
“a great combination of action, puzzling, and humour 8/10”
“a super charged game 87%”
“A unique, fun game with excellent level design. 7/10”
“well worth $5. 4.5/5”


Rock ‘n’ Roll Review
picture-416 We hear the phrase, “You Rock!”, a lot. But every time I hear it I am a little sad. I know I shouldn’t be, those saying it are just being nice. They are giving me a compliment. But still I’m sad.

The Guardian Covers iPhone Dev Tag Games
The Guardian’s Gamesblog posted up an interesting look at Tag Games, creators of Rock’n’Roll, All Stars Darts, and the upcoming Car Jack Streets. The article covers the company founders’ early days at Grand Theft Auto developer DMA

Versão Natalina e Free do Jogo Rock’n'Roll
Para entrar no clima do natal a Tag Games lançou uma versão natalina, de graça, do seu jogo Rock’n’Roll. O Christmas Rock’n’Roll é um jogo onde o cenário é que se move usando o dedo ou o acelerômetro. O jogo tem 2 modos,


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