Smokeless$1.99 from SmalTek Smokeless

Smokeless helps you to quit smoking, or to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke every day.

It is easy to use:

1. List your reasons for quitting.
Use the built-in list, or enter your reasons.

2. Start the quitting program.
Enter the length of the program, how much you smoke now, and your goal.

3. While you follow this program:
– read some advice on how to stick to your goal
– don’t smoke before the scheduled time
– remind yourself why you want to stop smoking
– use the First Aid section to help you overcome your withdrawal symptoms

Additionally the app shows you how much money you are saving.

4. After the quitting program ends, you can still use this app:
– to see how much money you keep saving
– to remind yourself of your reasons not to smoke


Some reviews mention problems that were fixed long time ago. Please follow the link to the support website to read more about this app.

The idea of this app belongs to my friend. After reading some famous books and failing to quit smoking their way, he came out with his own simple way, and, surprisingly, it worked.

My friend calculated a 10 day schedule and draw it on a piece of paper. He also wrote down what HE REALLY hates about smoking, and read that every day. The program allows you to do the same.

This program calculates your schedule, and it has many additional benefits compared to a piece of paper. But with all that, it is simple, and it works.



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