TeeDroid 3G

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This application requires a premium membership to TeeDroid. For more info visit http://www.teedroid.com.

TeeDroid 3G brings professional golf stats and tools to every golfer! No more hunting for distances on sprinkler heads or wondering how far you hit your clubs, just ask TeeDroid! As the mobile companion to TeeDroid.com you’ll get the data you need on course while having the ability to sync your rounds and further analyze your game online with TeeDroid.com’s ever growing array of stats and graphs.

Key Features
* Distances to the green (front, center and back)
* Score keeping
* Stroke by stroke history with shot distances
* Real time online scoring of your games
* Show off your rounds to your friends online either while or after you play!
* Very detailed stats like driving accuracy, average driving distance, greens in regulation, putting stats, etc.
* Manual scoring on the green and use in range finder mode if you desire.
* Manually entering strokes and putts if you’re not interested in tracking each shot.
* Distances to landmarks on the course.
* Even MORE stats online (see how well you read putts, etc)
* Compare your stats with your lifetime aggregates on the web to see how your game is improving.
* Plot each stroke of your round on a satellite image of the course online (where Google Maps image available)
* Club distances (online, coming to the phone soon)
* Download pre mapped courses or map your own (available immediately after mapping…no waiting like some other apps)
* Map courses using Google Earth, MSN maps, a Blackberry and soon the iPhone.

Want to know more?

Visit us at http://www.teedroid.com!

Keywords: Golf GPS Range Finder Course Scorecard Score Keeper

TeeDroid 3GTeeDroid 3GTeeDroid 3GTeeDroid 3GTeeDroid 3G


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