iDictaphone$0.99 from Chillingo Ltd iDictaphone

Turn your iPhone into an advanced digital dictaphone! Record your thoughts – notes – lectures – interviews and much more.

Catalogue your recordings using our easy to use menu – take control of your time now with iDictaphone! You’ll never look back.

Features include:

1. High quality CAF recording at 44.1kHz
2. Ability to navigate all recordings and playback easily
3. Recording Library management – renaming and deletion
4. Wifi download of recordings [ Make sure that your iPhone is connected to the same Wifi network as the computer that you are trying to download to ]
5. Dictaphone recording includes record/pause/unpause/stop and play capabilities

iDictaphone is developed and published by Chillingo Ltd

*NOTE* For iPod Touch users, you will require an APPLE mic which can be purchased through the APPLE store.

*NOTE*: if you require additional editing whilst recording facilities, photo attachments to your recordings, plus tons of other indispensable features, check out our premium voice recording product “Ultimate Voice Recorder” in the App Store today!


iPhoneをポイスレコーダーとして利用するアプリケーションについて、マイコミジャーナルに書きました。次の記事です。 記者じゃなくても録音ツールは役に立つ – タイプ別に見るiPhone用ボイスレコーダー. 取り上げたボイスレコーダーアプリは、次のもの


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