Mating Call (Female) — Speed Dial

Mating Call (Female) — Speed Dial$0.99 from UtiliTouch, Inc. Mating Call (Female) — Speed Dial

Call your girl with just 1 tap!

You love her and you love your iPhone, but launching the Phone app, tapping Favorites, flicking to the top of the list, and tapping her name is a lot of steps! You call her all the time. Wouldn’t it be great if she was just 1 tap away? Now with Mating Call she is.

The first time you launch Mating Call select her phone number and that’s it. The next time you tap Mating Call, it will automatically make the call.


• The original and still the best 1-tap speed dial solution
• Safer dialing when driving


• Lets you choose which of her phone numbers to call
• Always knows her phone number even if you update it
• Allows you to select a new contact or phone number by using Settings
• Doesn’t pester you with a count of how many times you’ve called her

Don’t forget to check out our other apps: Mating Call (Male) and You’re #1.

Mating Call (Female) — Speed DialMating Call (Female) — Speed DialMating Call (Female) — Speed DialMating Call (Female) — Speed Dial


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