FingerPiano$2.99 from Junpei Wada FingerPiano

The sound is not emitted in the silent mode.
The sound is emitted only from the headphone in the silent mode.
Please check the mode.

“FingerPiano” allows you to play the piano with just your finger.

You don’t need any skill, scores or practice.
You only need a motivation to play the music.

Instead of reading the score, scrolling guides appear on the screen.
Just touching the keyboard with scrolling guides, that’s all you have to do.

This application provides you with 88 pieces of famous music.

The price is scheduled to increase because of an update in the future. Buy it now!
There are 2 ways you can play. Play with one hand or both hands.
These are all famous masterpieces, you might have listened to.

If you are able to perform well, enjoy a musical session with
your friends and family.

“Play” the piano with “FingerPiano”, and discover the pleasure of music.

Collection tune:

-Both hands
■Nocturne Op. 9, No.2 ■Air ■Fur elise ■Jesus bleibet meine Freude ■We Wish You a merry X’mas ■Spring Song ■Canon in D ■Happy Birthday to You ■Amazing grace ■Twinkle twinkle little star ■Jingle Bells ■Silent Night ■Romance de Amor ■Canon in D Arrange

-Right hand
■Menuett ■Eine kleine Nachtmusik ■Edelweiss ■The Entertainer ■Parade of the Wooden Soldiers ■Gavotte ■Csikos Post ■The Nutcracker ■Korobushka ■Sonatine ■Bugler’s Holiday ■Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2 ■Ungarische Taenze Nr.5 ■Montaiqus et Capulets ■The Maiden’s Prayer ■Froehlicher Landmann ■From the New World ■Preludio No.7 Op.28-7 ■Orpheus in the under world ■Troika ■Salut d’amour ■Humoresque No.7 ■An die Freude ■My Grandfather’s Clock ■Morning ■Boccherini – Menuett ■Beethoven – Menuett ■Grande Valse brillante Op. 18 ■Joy to the World ■De L ‘Adieu ■Yankee Doodle ■Aura Lee ■Greensleeves ■Liebesträume ■Auld Lang Syne ■Szla dzieweczka ■Toreador Song ■The Planets, Op.32 Jupiter ■What A Friend We Have In Jesus


iPhone x Music「iPhoneが予言するいつか音楽と呼ばれるもの」(2)
iPhone x Music -iPhoneが予言するいつか音楽と呼ばれるもの 発売から一ヶ月がたちました。 おかげさまで、いろんな方に読んでいただけているみたいです。 [「iPhone x Music」いろいろなサイトでご感想をいただいております]

10 of the coolest iPhone music-making apps
We’ve written a fair bit about promotional music apps on iPhone for artists like Pink, Snow Patrol, Lady GaGa and Soulja Boy. But what about iPhone apps that let you create music of your own? There are hundreds available,

FingerPiano – Un piano en la palma de tu mano
FingerPiano. Desarrollador: Junpei Wada. Precio: $2.99. Version: 1.7. Comprar FingerPiano. Gratis en el Installous. FingerPiano, es una aplicación que nos permite tocar el piano con nuestro dedo índice. Este piano esta dedicado para las

[iPhone][App Store]「mmApSelect」で紹介しているアプリのレビュー
mmApSelectの更新に合わせて、レビュー記事一覧も更新しました。 mmApSelectには以下からアクセスできます。 moto_maka applist. 当然のように超長いので、続きは「続きを読む」にて。

[News] Featured in App Store 2008.12.22
New. Rolando, ngmoco, Inc., Games SimCity™, Electronic Arts, Games 21 Pro: Blackjack, Avalinx LLC, Games Booty Blocks, Planet Moon Studios, Games Toy Bot Diaries 3, IUGO Mobile Entertainment Inc., Games Touchgrind, Illusion Labs, Games

[iPhone][App Store] 「mmApSelect」で紹介しているアプリのレビュー
ちょっと前から少しずつ調べてたんですが、ようやくまとまりました。 長かった・・・. mmApSelectには以下からアクセスできます。 moto_maka applist. 当然のように超長いので、続きは「続きを読む」にて。

Com FingerPiano você se sente como um pianista profissional
Definitivamente o FingerPiano é o melhor aplicativo “pianista” da AppStore. O aplicativo permite que você toque piano apenas com o dedo indicador! Você não precisar ter prática ou qualquer abilidade de pianista para usá-lo,

Play piano even you actually don’t know how to
Do you know how to play piano? Even if you don’t, with the help of iPhone, you can do so. FingerPiano is a US$ app that is for everyone. It works like Tap Tap Dance. You just need to follow the blue and green note guides above and tap

歌手で女優の小泉今日子は、iPod touch(第2世代)のユーザーでもある。 最近よく使ってるアプリは「FingerPiano」。 バイクが出てくるアプリ(おそらく「Moro Chaser」のコト)も好きなんだとか。 鼻歌を当てる「midomi」はまだヤッタコトないけど興味

[iPhone][App Store] iPhone定番アプリ100選「mmApSelect」公開
以下の記事を読んで。 iPhoneアプリの総数がそろそろ1万本に届きそうな件. 今後も、AppStoreのアプリ数はどんどん増えていくだろうし、. その中から、いかに良アプリをチョイスしていく


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