Hurricane$3.99 from Kitty Code Hurricane

Hurricane, the most popular and best selling Hurricane Tracking Application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

2008 iPhone Apps Excellence Award Winner

Are nature’s most fearsome storms going to affect you and your area? Hurricane gives you the ability to track these storms on the go using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Satellite images and tracking maps help you see where these monster storms are heading. Text bulletins give you the detailed information you need.


– Atlantic Basin* Interactive Tracking Map with storm data, generated on your device as it becomes available, throughout the hurricane season.

– Tracking map that is not just an image, but an interactive tracking map which allows you move between tracks, viewing each plot’s detailed information including wind speed with the icon, and lat/lon, speed/direction, pressure, date and time in the tab bar.

– Track hurricanes both past (back to 1851 in the Atlantic Basin*)

– View Past Seasons and Current Season past map plots without a connection to the internet (connection required to receive new plots and view new satellite pages)

– Satellite view which includes the Atlantic Basin* and the Northeast Pacific Basin*:
– – Satellite Images
– – Forecast Image Maps
– – Tropical Outlooks, Summaries & Discussions
– – Saffir-Simpson Scale

– Satellite view adds storm specific data by storm name when available.
– – Storm Bulletin
– – Storm Forecast/Advisory
– – Storm Discussion
– – Storm Probabilities, and more!

– Satellite views updated throughout the hurricane season, and changed to current imagery as they become available.

*Atlantic Basin includes the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf Of Mexico, Caribbean and surrounding areas.
*Northeast Pacific Basin includes the west coast of North America – US west coast, Mexico, Central America

This application is great for
– anyone with interests on the east or west coast of the US
– anyone interested in severe weather or meteorology
– studying tropical system history

Hurricane, the premier tracking application.

If you would like to contact us with your comments, questions or concerns to help make Hurricane better, please write to

We are also available on Twitter @ kittycode and will update there with information as it becomes available.

Want to see more screen shots? Go to

Important Notes:

We strive to make Hurricane the best possible hurricane tracking application for your device, however we do not presently have every feature we would like to implement in the application. We started with the Atlantic Basin, and plan to expand to the Northeast Pacific (North American West Coast), then to the Central Pacific and finally to the West Pacific, South Pacific and Indian Ocean. If you have questions about the area we cover, please contact us before purchasing. We cannot guarantee that our product is the right one for you, as no single application is perfect for everyone. Our goal however, is to create the best, most informative hurricane tracking application for you.


First Look: Hurricane iPhone is heading your way
Filed under: Software, iPhone, App Store, iPod touch. Many intense hurricanes in the last five years have caused tremendous damage to the the Gulf Coast and eastern US, so interest in keeping a constant eye on tropical storms has


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