TuneORama$2.99 from Yonac TuneORama


Two tuners in one! Retaining its fool-proof automatic tuner interface, Tune-O-Rama now incorporates an equally intuitive chromatic tuner that you can access at the touch of a button. Simply play a note; its digital display will pick it up while the needle/led display will show you how far you’re off from the target.

Featuring a detection range of 1200 Hz, Tune-O-Rama is suitable for use with a vast array of instruments in its chromatic mode. As usual, the new chromatic module also incorporates the special 4-phase pitch detection algorithm developed in our laboratories, and ensures that Tune-O-Rama is still the most sensitive and easy-to-use musical tuner for the iPhone platform.


Automatic Mode

In the automatic mode, Tune-O-Rama is an intelligent, real-time tuner specifically designed for the guitar and the bass. Unlike most other software guitar tuners that perform a single-stage analysis on the input, Tune-O-Rama uses a sophisticated 4-tier detection algorithm for increased accuracy and sensitivity, developed after extensive measurement of the tonal qualities of plucked instruments in our labs:

1) The instrument’s sound is first passed through an acoustic gate, engaging the measurement module.
2) The input is processed by a specially designed filter to reduce atmospheric artifacts and focus the frequency distribution
3) The resulting soundwave is then resolved to its frequencies
4) An algorithm tailored for plucked instruments then interprets the data and produces the final reading

In this mode, Tune-O-Rama offers presets for 20 different tunings, including Open-G, DADGAD, Csus2, and of course, the Standard, and provides one-touch +/- transposition for flat tunings commonly encountered on the guitar and the bass.

Chromatic Mode:

In this mode, Tune-O-Rama employs a more sophisticated version of the original algorithm to detect the pitch of many types of musical instruments. With a 1200 Hz range, it is
suitable for use not only with the guitar and bass, but also with the mandolin, uke, violin and more. The chromatic mode makes alternate tunings a breeze, and can also be used for note recognition.

Offering +-5 cent accuracy in both modes, Tune-O-Rama has a sleek and intuitive user interface modeled after professional tuners.


— Dedicated Guitar/Bass (“Auto”) and general Chromatic modes
— Our patented 4-stage tuning algorithm for stringed instruments
— Ultra-precision tuning with +/- 5 cent accuracy.
— Intelligent string detection in Guitar/Bass mode
— 1200 Hz pitch detection range in chromatic mode
— Sleek and intuitive user interface, designed for fast tuning
— Single-string option in Auto mode (via string select buttons)
— +/- transposition in Auto mode
— Two simultaneous delta readouts: needle and led
— 20 different guitar/bass tunings

Please note that Tune-O-Rama is designed to work with the iPhone built-in microphone, and currently doesn’t support the iPod Touch.



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