Calculator12 RPN Financial Calculator

Calculator12 RPN Financial Calculator$19.99 from Stone Meadow Development LLC Calculator12 RPN Financial Calculator

*** This application listing provides an upgrade path for early adopters to the redesigned and renamed Calc-12E. It is maintained on the App Store to provide a way for existing customers to upgrade their purchase to Calc-12E free-of-charge… it is identical to Calc-12E and will appear on your home screen as Calc-12E***

Whether you need a new HP-12C for school, or you are looking to retire your old one, Calculator12 will put an HP-12C emulator on your iPhone or iPod touch. If all you need is a true (non-programmable) HP-12C emulation Calculator12 is more than up to the task, with 100% compatible operation keystroke for keystroke. Then why is it so expensive?

Quite simply, Calculator12 is much more than just a copy. You have the option to work with cash flows in the cash flow diagram format, changing values or inserting/deleting cash flows with just a tap. Three independent cash flow scenarios can be evaluated side-by-side, and with capital multiplication you can evaluate an exit strategy for outside investors. Results can be emailed from Calculator12 so you don’t have to redo things like an amortization schedule or comparative investment report at your lap or desktop.

And you can see what was once hidden… the contents of the financial registers or the stack are always displayed. For me at least confirming the accuracy of my entries relieves a lot of anxiety. It’s not programmable, but advance payment leasing functions have been pre-programmed in as well as conversions to APR and Effective Rate to fill some of the gaps. And it is blisteringly fast–what used to take 30 seconds now is done almost before your finger leaves the touchscreen.

Calculator12 was the very first HP-12C emulator on the App Store and is the only one that is evolving to take full advantage of the unique features of the iPhone and iPod touch. There are lots of emulators now, but only one that has moved out of the 80s. (this one!)

Calculator12 RPN Financial CalculatorCalculator12 RPN Financial CalculatorCalculator12 RPN Financial CalculatorCalculator12 RPN Financial CalculatorCalculator12 RPN Financial Calculator


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