MoonPhase – moon info

MoonPhase - moon info$0.99 from RomanDuck Software MoonPhase - moon info

MoonPhase is your guide to all sorts of moon info! And a little bit of sun info too.

Easily find for today or any day between 1900-2100:
-moon rise/set times
-lunar cycle details
-full moon names
-zodiac position
-moon’s location in the sky
-moon phase (of course!)
-sun rise/set times

All presented in a beautiful, easy to use format. So convenient you will want to use it everyday!

Use it to find times for moonlit walks, avoiding werewolves and maybe even fishing! Whatever your lunar info needs, MoonPhase has you covered.

No internet connection is required so it works wherever you are.

Other features:
– Swipe up/down to change the date
– Display settable for Northern or Southern Hemispheres
– Show moon as real, cartoon, or cheese!
– Select dates between 1900 and 2100
– Use built in location capability
– Fast Forward to next New or Full Moon
– Audible Werewolf Warning (also available as free ringtone!)
– Ephemeris details such as JDE, distance, right ascension, declination, azimuth, altitude and fraction illuminated

Like MoonPhase’s Howl? Get your Howl iPhone ringtone at our website:

MoonPhase - moon infoMoonPhase - moon infoMoonPhase - moon infoMoonPhase - moon infoMoonPhase - moon info


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