aSubnet$0.99 from ralf uttenthaler aSubnet

Calculate your IPv4 Subnets just with a wipe of your finger.
Just slide thru all 32 possibilities of a IPv4 Network and calculate in realtime your network mask in decimal or hex notation.

– Simple and very fast mobile IPv4 calculation
– Displays in realtime Netmask, Number of possible Hosts, Network address and Broadcast address
– Edit your desired Host Address and recalculate
– Optional HEX Display of all network calculations
– Mail your result to archive for later needs
– “Wildcard” Option
– Displays previous or next possible network
– Shake the Device to set the WLAN Address as IP Address
– Enhanced URL type handlers for submitting IP addresses and CIDR Netmaskthrough URL’s from Address Book, Safari or other iPhone App’s (e.g. “sub://;20”, “subnet://;16” or asubnet://;28)



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