DJ VirtualDeck

DJ VirtualDeck$7.99 from Quickdecay DJ VirtualDeck

Mimicking a turntable, VirtualDeck is designed as an aid for DJ s. It lets you fast-forward, fast-rewind, beat mix, scratch and tune an audio sample just as you would DJ on a real turntable. In some ways, it can do what no ordinary turntable can do, namely play digital samples. Weʼre sure you at some time wished you could play your own music without having to shell out for a dub plate, or quickly cut some samples into a loop and use that to intensify or sratch on top of your set. In that case, VirtualDeck is for you.
PLEASE READ THE MANUAL on our website, to use VirtualDeck as efficiently as possible! There also a couple of VIDEO DEMOS showing the way to use the app.

The MANUAL and FAQ also cover the method to upload your OWN music.

– Ogg/vorbis
– most AIFF
– most WAV
– unprotected MP3s

– access to a WiFi network to upload your samples

Keywords: DJ, DJing, beatmix, beat mix, scratch, scratching, beatmatch

DJ VirtualDeckDJ VirtualDeckDJ VirtualDeckDJ VirtualDeck


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