SnatchTest$0.00 from Hoofien SnatchTest

Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless trackpad for your PC or Mac!

SnatchTest is the free version of Snatch. Snatch, the paid version, will also turn your touch device to an amazing wireless keyboard and fully customizable remote control – see the app description for Snatch for more details.

*** NEW: A manual connection using an IP address is now added as an option – if you previously had problems with Bonjour you should be able to connect now on any WiFi network ***

SNATCH IS RANKED BY AS ONE OF THE 100 BEST iPhone APPS AND AS THE BEST MOUSE AND TRACKPAD APP! See the paid version page for more details.

Features in SnatchTest:
* Easy mouse tracking and clicking
* Window dragging and (Mac only:) resizing
* Screen Zoom (Mac only)
* Excellent user interface, many useful customization options

* “Just Works” — no IP-addresses or network configuration required

* Use for remote control from the comfort of your couch, for presentations, or as an ergonomic mouse supplement or replacement on your desk

Additional features in Snatch, the paid version:
* Customizable number of mouse buttons (including right clicking)
* Mouse scrolling (two-finger scrolling while tracking, or one finger scrolling and iPod clickwheel-type scrolling in a separate mode)
* Complete keyboard emulation: text typing and all major function, control and navigation keys including volume control
* BUILD YOUR OWN REMOTE CONTROLS: Build up to 4 screens of shortcut keys, each screen with up to 36 custom keys with functions and layout that you create easily with our amazing shortcut editor.

(See the paid version page for more information)

* Any iPhone or iPod Touch device
* Any PC running Windows XP/Vista
* Any Mac running Leopard (Mac OS 10.5.*) or Tiger (Mac OS 10.4.*). The Tiger version supports tracking, scrolling and keyboard functions but not all other features, see our website for more information.
* Your computer and touch device must on the same WiFi network (if you don’t have a wireless router you can easily set up an ad hoc network to make it work).
* You will need to download the Snatch Server application, a small free utility available from our website (click the application URL below – and run it on your computer.




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