BrainFreqz – Euphoria

BrainFreqz - Euphoria$0.99 from DSRTech, Inc. BrainFreqz - Euphoria

BrainFreqz entrainment programs utilize various audio techniques including “isochronic tones” and “binaural beats” to entrain brain waves to desired frequencies. Entrainment is the process by which a person’s brain waves tend to approach and mimic the same frequency as a dominant stimulus.

This program is experimental in nature and guides your brain wave frequencies into the gamma range to approximately 45 hertz. You may feel sensations of calm, peace and general euphoria throughout this program. The frequencies cycle so as not to remain at 40 hertz for the entire duration and will return you to a normal, alert brain wave frequency of 18 hertz at the end of the program.

Look for more BrainFreqz programs on the AppStore in the near future!

BrainFreqz - Euphoria


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