Chain Timer

Chain Timer$2.99 from Decane Chain Timer

Chain Timer is the missing chain alarm timer component in the iPhone and iPod Touch. Chain Timer allows you to setup multiple lists of alarm timers where each timer is called after the next one. Each alarm clock can be customized with a name and alarm sound and each countdown time can be freely set from 1 second up to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds per Timer. Currently there are 37 different alarm sounds built in like comic, effect, nature and other sounds and additionally to each alarm sound the vibra alarm is triggered too. On the iPod Touch instead of the vibra alarm the piezo alarm sound is played back. Of couse you can set up also only one timer as alarm if you don’t need a chain of alarm timers.

The chained timers can be used for example as personal trainer in the gym, as interval timer for jogging, for your yoga exercises, as clock for board games, as tea timer or any other task that is split up in multiple sub tasks. Other areas where it can be used are sailing, bbq, presentations and many more.

Chain TimerChain TimerChain TimerChain TimerChain Timer


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