Chinese English Dictionary

Chinese English Dictionary$4.99 from ZHDict Chinese English Dictionary

Chinese-English dictionary with instant searching and a comprehensive 80,000-word dictionary including common phrases, place names, proper names, and idioms.

SEARCH: Instant, as-you-type search by:
– Pinyin (partial matches, too, so “bei” will find Beijing)
– Characters (entered with the Pinyin keyboard or by handwriting recognition)
– English definition (“jump” will find “to jump,” “jumpy”, and all other derivatives)

Other iPhone Chinese dictionaries can take 5-10 seconds to search; buy this one and search 80,000 words instantly. Search results are ordered by frequency of use, so you’ll always see the most relevant words first.

No Internet access required–the dictionary is stored on your iPhone.

Simplified characters only.

This app is made by the developers of the popular Chinese-English dictionary site, all of whom are native English speakers who learned to speak Mandarin fluently.

We’ve used our experience to make the best app for people learning and speaking Chinese, and we’ve field-tested it in China in everyday life and business situations. Buy it now!

Note: To get the Chinese character and Pinyin input methods, you have to enable the Chinese keyboards on your iPhone by going to Settings > General > International > Keyboards > Chinese (Simplified). Then just press the world icon on your keyboard in the app.

Email suggestions and comments to Quinn Slack at

Based on the CC-CEDICT dictionary from

Chinese English DictionaryChinese English DictionaryChinese English DictionaryChinese English DictionaryChinese English Dictionary


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