Festivals Lite

Festivals Lite$0.00 from Eknath Kadam Festivals Lite

***Check out our full version for better graphics, full list of festivals and more religions****

Get quick offline information and forthcoming dates of all religious festivals.

Religious festivals give us an opportunity to ignite cosmic love, mercy, generosity, selflessness, truthfulness and purity. Each festival, in its own way, pays tribute to all the enlightened beings and the pure inner love we nurture in our hearts.


❉ Significance, legends and ways of celebration of each religious festival.
❉ Forthcoming dates for year 2008 and 2009.
❉ Does not need internet connection.
❉ It is free.

Disclaimer: The app contains ads. Check out our full version which has no ads, great graphics and full list of festivals.

Festivals LiteFestivals LiteFestivals LiteFestivals LiteFestivals Lite

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