Live Artist

Live Artist$0.99 from Francis Bonnin Live Artist

Live Artist is composed of different interactive tools and effects allowing you to create a live drawing performance on your device.

Really easy to use, it is the perfect toy to play with, while listening to some music.
Give some endless fun to your imagination. Kids will also love playing with it.

While drawing on the screen with your fingers, the things previously drawn will slowly disappear.
This concept allows to draw perpetually without erasing anything by yourself.
The colors are not simply overlapped but are merged together, producing some kind of glowing neon effect.

All the tool icons can be moved using your fingers.
Moreover, they can collide and bounce together, reacting to the orientation of your device (playing with those icons is a game in itself).

Shake the device if you dare !

Live ArtistLive ArtistLive ArtistLive ArtistLive Artist


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