Quick ATM

Quick ATM$0.99 from GP Apps Quick ATM

Do you ever need to find a bank or ATM fast?

Quick ATM is the one-touch blazing-fast way to find the closest banks near you.

Quick ATM quickly locks in your gps coordinates and then opens up iPhone Maps with the ice cream shops closest to you. It’s that simple!

Why use this app over Maps?
1. Super convenient to use, just click and you’re there!
2. We have optimized our app to quickly lock into your location wherever you are.
3. You don’t have to stop driving to type in a search in Maps.

Note: In using app, please make sure that your wifi is turned on in your iPhone settings (even if there is no wifi connection) as that seems improves GPS reception.

What countries does this app work in?
Currently they work in countries that use English and that google maps work in.

Does this app ever pull up wrong places?
This app uses Google’s extensive database of restaurants and places of business. If the app pulls up a wrong location, it is because the place of business has listed itself under the wrong category.

Quick ATMQuick ATM


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