Timer$0.99 from Francis Bonnin Timer

Timer is your perfect companion for board games, sport, cooking or whatever activity that needs a precision timer.
It can be mainly used for short time delays, defined in hours/minutes and SECONDS.

Unlike the build-in timer, the following useful functionalities are added :

– The time can be defined with a seconds precision.
– The timer can be paused and resumed.
– The timer can be looped.
– Portrait and Landscape visualisation modes are handled in all application screens.
– A Tic Tac sound (or various other sounds) can be played while the timer is running (for stressful countdowns).
– The timer can be used when silence is needed thanks to a flashing (and dimmed) screen.
– When the timer ends, different actions can be performed (popup display, screen flashing, alarm sound, looping alarm sound, vibration/iPod Piezo)
– When the timer is done, the time is still displayed, allowing to know since how long the timer elapsed.
– Different dedicated alarm sounds can be used (Bell, Cooking timer, Watch, Gong, Danger, …)
– Shepard tones can also be used : those tones creates the audio illusion of a tone that continually ascends or descends in pitch.

In case, the application quits while a timer is active, the timer will still be active at the application restart.
(Like every AppStore application, Timer cannot run in background : no notification can be triggered if the application is not active)



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