Cam Viewer for SecuritySpy

Cam Viewer for SecuritySpy$2.99 from Furnishing Industry Software House Cam Viewer for SecuritySpy

Cam Viewer for SecuritySpy is a camera viewer that allows you to monitor security cameras configured using Ben Bird’s SecuritySpy software for Mac OS directly from your iPhone.

Cam Viewer for SecuritySpy allows you to view up to 6 cameras from your SecuritySpy server in a thumbnail arrangement, or zoom into individual cameras for a near real-time feed.

You can control the refresh rate of your cameras, and view your cameras in landscape or portrait mode depending on the orientation of your iPhone.

You must have purchased and configured a SecuritySpy server on your Mac in order to use this software.

Cam Viewer for SecuritySpy requires you to specify the URL, port, username and password of your SecuritySpy server. You will need to have configured SecuritySpy’s WebServer option to allow access to your camera images using the username and password configured in Cam Viewer for SecuritySpy.

This software will not work with any other type of camera security system.

Users looking to monitor other image sources should consider Cam Viewer Lite which allows you to monitor security cameras, traffic cams, weather radars or any other internet image sources.

For support queries please see our Product Support pages at or contact

Cam Viewer for SecuritySpyCam Viewer for SecuritySpyCam Viewer for SecuritySpyCam Viewer for SecuritySpy


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