iNeedStuff Shopping Assistant

iNeedStuff Shopping Assistant$8.99 from PDAscent Inc iNeedStuff Shopping Assistant

Ever forget the milk at the grocery store, only to remember it at the hardware store or realize that you need something in a part of the store you just left? iNeedStuff can help! A location aware shopping assistant designed to help you be more efficient, iNeedStuff will learn where and how you shop. It will then organize your lists in a way that will get you in, out and done with your shopping. Start using it today and soon you’ll wonder how you did without it.


MacLife gives iNeedStuff 4/5 stars calling it “the ultimate iPhone grocery list maker.” (iPhone Handbook, Fall 2008 , p.10)

MacApper gives iNeedStuff an A- saying “[features of the app show] a lot of attention to how people use the iPhone”

PPC Central iPhone Edition gives iNeedStuff 4.5/5 stars commenting that “grocery runs are now a pain-free experience”

Key Features:

* Location aware (iPod touch users will only get location sensing at WiFi hotspots)
* Fast list entry
* Super fast shopping
* Make lists based on recipes you plan to make. Never start cooking only to discover a missing ingredient again!
* Will learn your purchase order at your various locations and reorder the list accordingly.
* Add notes to your items if you want
* Add units to your items if you want
* Users decide direction of enhancements by voting for what new features they’d like to see right in the app.
* SYNC YOUR LIST with any number of iPhones or iPod touches with the touch of a button.
* Optional price tracking

You can watch the video manual at our site to get an idea of how easy iNeedStuff is to use. The video manual does not yet demonstrate syncing or voting. We’ll update the video soon.

Get iNeedStuff for 10% off the regular price for a limited time! For a limited time just $8.99 USD!

Want to know more? Find out what’s in the works or let us know about features you’d like to see. Visit our forums by clicking the support link below or visiting

iNeedStuff Shopping AssistantiNeedStuff Shopping AssistantiNeedStuff Shopping AssistantiNeedStuff Shopping AssistantiNeedStuff Shopping Assistant


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