Smart Sokoban Pro

Smart Sokoban Pro$2.99 from Patrick Stein Smart Sokoban Pro

“… best Sokoban on any platform ..” – chaosmagnet
“… the best Sokoban game I’ve played…” – Benzo Right
“… marvelous implementation…” – Kevin

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The classical, addictive puzzle game is a completely new experience with ‘Smart Moves’ on the iPhone.

Game play
A level represents a storeroom after an earthquake. All the boxes are scattered throughout the level and it’s you job to re-stack the facility.
Our red headed Sokoban (warehouse keeper) needs to push the yellow boxes back into the marked blue positions on the floor. But remember, your warehouse keeper is only strong enough to push one box at a time.

Key features:
* Three different touch modes:
* Cursor
* Push
* Smart
* Smart walking and push-way finding.
* Freely download of levels from the Internet.
* Enlargement and cross hair positioning.
* Error correcting touch interface.
* Low power consumption.
* Resume where you left off the last time.

For comments or ideas, please feel free to mail me directly at as I do not receive international reviews in my local iTunes store.

Smart Sokoban ProSmart Sokoban ProSmart Sokoban ProSmart Sokoban ProSmart Sokoban Pro


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