WritePad$0.00 from Stan Miasnikov WritePad

The purpose of this application is to demonstrate the handwriting recognition-based input method with a custom editor developed for PhatWare PhatNotes for iPhone and iPod Touch. WritePad includes the advanced handwriting recognition engine for the English language (support for several other languages will be available soon) developed specifically for iPhone. It recognizes all handwriting styles: cursive, print and mixed. To enter the text you can simply write with your finger on the iPhone screen in either landscape or portrait mode employing your own handwriting style. WritePad also allows easily switching between the handwriting recognition and the standard iPhone keyboard.

In the beginning the recognition quality may depend on your style and how comfortable you feel writing on the iPhone screen with your finger; however the more you use it, the better it will become as the software will adapt to your patterns. In addition, you can use simple finger gestures to select text, cut, copy, paste, insert special characters such as space and return, invoke the spell checker for the selected word, correct recognized text, and more.

WritePad is a FREE application developed to a) provide you with early access to the new input method; and to b) obtain your feedback about this new input method before it is included with PhatNotes and possibly other applications. If you have downloaded and used this application, please feel free to send your feedback to info@phatware.com.

In addition to demonstration purposes, you may find WritePad useful as a notepad and as an email composer.


WritePad is awesome…
Just been playing with WritePad. iTunes Store Click the image to open in full size. I think this app is great. Having thoroughly read the instructions (mostly intuitive), I found it easy to use, and it does seem to ‘learn’ my scribble.

WritePad : scrivi a mano libera su iPhone
WritePad è un software di ricoscimento della scrittura a mano. L’applicazione è in grado di riconoscere le lettere scritte a mano con la punta delle dita. Funziona davvero bene. Una volta scritto il nostro file questo può essere salvato

WritePad : scrivi a mano libera su iPhone
L’applicazione è in grado di riconoscere le lettere scritte a mano con la punta delle dita. Funziona davvero bene. Una volta scritto il nostro file questo può essere salvato o inviato via e-mail. download writepad.

WritePad Notes: note con riconoscimento della scrittura manuale
WritePad Notes é una nuova applicazione che sostituisce alla grande il classico “Note” presente su tutti gli iPhone. Inoltre supporta benissimo lo swipe sul touchscreen che viene riconosciuto e convertito in testo.

WritePad Notes: Il riconoscimento della scrittura manuale | AppStore
Produttore: Stan Miasnikov | Download Via: AppStore | Prezzo: 3,99€. WritePad Notes è una utility per appuntare note personali, che oltre al normale tipo di input per la scrittura e l’inserimento delle parole tramite la tastiera

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